Things to do

Choose your own adventure
For the active there is:
  • Kaykaing for many kilometres
  • Fishing, particularly bass fishing
  • Bushwalking in the hills around the Moran Rocks area
  • Swimming in the pristine colour river
  • Exploring the bush looking for existence of aboriginal occupation or early white settlement.
For those seeking a more relaxing weekend there are a lot of less active pursuits to be enjoyed:
  • Outdoor BBQ
  • Wood fired bath under the stars
  • Grab a good book and read under a tree or on the river bank
  • Enjoy the air conditioned cabin and just enjoy the view


Bring your own kayak/canoe. The river is fresh water and tidal. The tide at the property is approximately 3.5 hours behind Fort Dension. The Colo’s tidal limit is about an hour’s kayak away about 1km upstream from the Putty River bridge.



The Colo river is famous for its bass fishing (Macquaria novemaculeata). The best time of day is close to dawn when you have enough light to see, but before the direct light hits the water. Other times are still worthwhile. Spots on the river with areas of shadows in the afternoon or at sunset. Night fishing is also a good time to catch Australian Bass.

In general, look for shallow areas with structure such as fallen or submerged trees, rock bars, deep pools or thick vegetation. Australian Bass prefer to be in the shadows.



The property adjoins the State Forest and a short walk up the hill will take you onto a gated fire trail that runs all the way to the Putty Road. There is an outstanding lookout overlooking the Colo and the Putty Bridge which is a gentle two hour return walk. If you are up for a bit more of a challenge you can cross the river and walk in the Wollemi National Park and take in the views over the Colo from the ridgeline that runs up to Mt Wheelbarrow.



The Colo is fresh water and tidal at the Cabin. The Colo is a wild river with no dams or major structures on it other than the Colo River bridge four km upstream. Being a wild river is changes depending on floods and what washes down stream, but it is generally safe to swim with a sandy bottom to the river. The river is tidal so weaker swimmers may wish to stay close to the shore where the tide is at its weakest. The depth of the river varies due to the tide and current.